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About HeatSol Technology Ltd.

based in Droitwich, Worcestershire we specialise in the supply of energy saving equipment and ancillaries particularly for burner replacements on Steam & Hot Water Boilers which includes:-

Dreizler low emission high tech burners fitted with the patented ARZ low NOx burner head arrangement plus the ORBIC short air-purge high turn down burner control systems, together with many other energy saving features especially suited for application to shell and water tube steam and hot water boilers and industrial heat processes.

HeatSol Specialist Areas

Small Box Burners;

up to 2.5MW offering a comprehensive range of oil, gas and dual fuel burners closely matched to most types of hot water boilers, bakery & process ovens and many low temperature industrial heat processes.

BST Flame Detectors;

to operate with burner management control systems using flame flicker frequency, ultra violet and infra red technology which incorporate built-in flame relays.

Power Burner Parts & Components;

ancillary equipment including gas pressure regulators, gas, water & steam flow meters, gas pressure boosters, oil filters, fire valves, combustion test equipment, plus an extensive range of related products.