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meku burners


The burners in this range are:-

Blue Flame Burner with Pre-Spin Combustion Air System >>

L-Max Burner range >>

MEKU is a leading company in the European Heating Sector and specialises in the in the manufacture of components and systems for oil burners.
Their Blue Flame Oil Burners are market leaders in domestic heating applications.

A range of both yellow flame and blue flame oil burners are available as complete package units ready for installation or can be supplied to OEM manufacturers in component form to be integrated typically into hot water boilers and other types of heating appliances.

The latest modulating blue flame oil burner, unlike the earlier models, establishes a blue flame immediately on ignition and requires no heat-up period to vaporize the oil. In fact, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the blue oil flame from that of a gas burner blue flame.

Benefits from blue flame technology give reduced CO & NOx omissions providing the cleanest of combustion similar to gas firing of heating appliances. The latest IR/flicker (KLC 20) flame detectors from BST Solutions GmbH ensure that the blue flame burners will operate only with a blue flame present. This guards against sooting-up of the appliance, as sometimes can be experienced with yellow flame oil burners when badly adjusted.

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