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MEKU Blue Flame Burner with Pre-Spin Combustion Air System

The development of new condensing boilers for liquid fuels requires particularly low-emission burner systems for compact combustion chambers.

For new gas-fired condensing boilers there is a need to reduce the emissions, particularly NOx, and the nominal heat output. Similarly, a power modulation for the next generation of oil-fired boilers is required.


Benefits of the Blue Flame System

  • The homogeneous gas-like flame burning permits a particularly low-emission and clean combustion (< 1 ppm CO)
  • The optimum fuel to air mixture allows a very small burner power (6 kW) with conventional oil nozzles and low oil pressures
  • Low NOx emission < 60 mg/kWh. (Under optimum conditions, the NOx emissions can be reduced below 40 mg / kWh)
  • Easy and fast removal of the nozzle holder to change the oil nozzle in less than one minute
  • The external arranged ignition electrodes may also be changed in less than one minute
  • The stable flame provides a broad power modulation and a good cold start performance at high recirculation ratio
  • Using industry standard components facilitates the craftsman and minimizes customer service and training requirements
  • The compact dimensions allow an optimal integration of the system in modern condensing boiler developments
  • By the combustion air duct and the new mixing head design, the noise emissions are significantly reduced

Objectives of the new burner development:

  • Power range 6-24 kW modulating
  • Reduction of NOx emissions < 60 mg/kWh
  • Simplify & Improve maintenance
  • Reduction of noise emissions

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